I'm thrilled to share with you an innovative funnel strategy that we've successfully implemented for our partners. In today's video, I'm giving you an inside look at a funnel that has proven to acquire customers for less than five dollars – a game-changer in the game of e-commerce.

We've all experienced the challenges of navigating through IOS changes and the difficulties of scaling an online brand. That's why we decided to put this funnel to the test. The principles I'm about to share are not entirely new, but we've revitalized them into a comprehensive funnel approach, aiming to acquire customers for a realistic cost of 4 to 7 dollars.

The key to this strategy lies in a low CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) bundle, where we offer enticing deals like "free, just pay for shipping" or affordable sampler packs. Our goal is to acquire customer data – emails and phone numbers – at a minimal cost, allowing us to retarget and build a custom audience. The funnel focuses on providing customers with a taste of products, cultivating their interest and trust.

Let's break down the funnel:

Low CPA Bundle

We run multiple ads, emphasizing a low CPA bundle approach. Examples include free products or sampler packs, with an average order value ranging from 10 to 20 dollars.

Predictable Lifetime Value

The success of this strategy hinges on the predictability of customer lifetime value. We anticipate customers coming back for more, allowing us to retarget and maintain profitability.

Educational Email Flow

We build an entirely new landing page funnel, specifically targeting new customers. The goal is to create a customer journey that educates them on the brand, product features, and FAQs. The email flow includes product education, FAQs, social proof, and bundle offers, ensuring a holistic approach.

Immediate Upsell Opportunities

By offering immediate upsell opportunities, we encourage customers to move up the product ladder. For instance, customers who purchased a sample pack might receive an exclusive offer on the full-size product via email or SMS.

Data Ownership

The beauty of this funnel is not just in acquiring customers at a low cost but also in owning valuable customer data. This data becomes a powerful asset for remarketing and building long-term customer relationships.

Before you dive into implementing this strategy, consider a few warnings:

- Ensure you can weather the storm of not being immediately profitable.

- Have reliable data on customer lifetime value.

- Access to low-cost, high-margin products is crucial.

- Operational capacity is vital – can you fulfill hundreds of orders daily?

- Develop a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Remember, this strategy is not one-size-fits-all. Tailor it to your brand's needs and continuously test and optimize. If you're intrigued and want further assistance, feel free to reach out. I've provided a document below with more details, so go ahead, take ownership, and let's see your brand crush it with the low CPA funnel!