What It's Like to Work with TVG - A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Welcome back to the Visionary podcast! In this special episode, we're taking you behind the scenes to give you an insider's view of what it's like to work with us at TVG. As we reflect on our processes and experiences from the past month and into August, we want to shed light on the essence of our business - people. We're all about managing our team and providing exceptional services to our clients and partners. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the entire process, from the initial contact to ongoing collaboration.

The First Contact

For most people, the initial interaction with TVG often comes from encountering our content or receiving a message from our team. Our primary goal during this stage is to assess if there's a good fit between us. We've learned from our two years of operation that successful partnerships thrive on shared values, aligned missions, growth mindsets, and a willingness to invest in long-term growth. Our ideal partners are eager to collaborate, seeking an extension of their internal team, and are willing to invest in premium services.

The Qualification Process

Once we identify a qualified partner, we move on to a two-step process: an initial conversation followed by a strategy call. The first call is relaxed and conversational, allowing us to understand the challenges our potential partner is facing. If we sense alignment and a good fit, we proceed to a strategy call. During this call, we present our ideas and get feedback to ensure the partnership aligns with our goals and the client's needs.

Onboarding and Kickoff

Upon successful qualification, we welcome our new partners to our onboarding process. During this phase, we introduce our Slack communication channels and provide an overview of what clients can expect from us. Our clients meet the entire TVG team in the kickoff session, where we go over our team's roles and responsibilities. We emphasize the importance of effective communication, outlining meeting schedules and reporting protocols.

Communication Protocols

Our communication strategy is a vital element of our success. We typically start with weekly meetings during the first month of onboarding, transitioning to bi-weekly meetings later on. We send weekly performance reports, breaking down each sector and providing insights into what's happening behind the scenes. Our clients also communicate with us through Slack, where we detail our hours of operation and communication expectations.

Crafting a Tailored Strategy

Our next step is crafting a custom-tailored strategy for our partners. During this phase, we dive deep into our partner's business, studying their branding, social media presence, and current advertising efforts. Our mission is not to reinvent the wheel but to amplify and tailor their existing efforts to make them stand out in their niche. We set key performance indicators (KPIs) and present the strategy to our clients for feedback and approval.

Collaboration and Tweaking

The key to our success is flexibility and collaboration. As we implement the strategy, we understand that it may evolve over time. We collect data and constantly make small adjustments to ensure that we achieve the best results. We encourage clients to actively participate in the process, offering suggestions and working alongside their in-house teams.

Creativity and Problem Solving

At TVG, we understand the importance of both user-generated content (UGC) and high-quality professional content. UGC often outperforms polished ads because it feels authentic and resonates with the audience. We know what works, and we're not afraid to try new approaches to drive results. We also encourage our clients to explore partnerships with well-known faces, such as celebrities and influencers, to add a layer of legitimacy to their brand.


Working with TVG is not just about delivering services; it's about forming genuine partnerships and collaborating to find creative solutions to business challenges. We value long-term growth, effective communication, and a willingness to adapt and improve. If you're considering working with us, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries. We're here to help you succeed.

Thanks for tuning in to this special episode of the Visionary podcast, and we hope to see you on a call soon!